Saturday, March 20, 2010

Air: The Love of A Woman" - R. Creeley

As I opened Robert Creeley's book "for LOVE - Poems 1950-1960", I saw that I had gotten it on this date (March 20) in 1973, twenty seven years ago, when I was twenty two years old...  So, while it had not been a foregone decision to pick one by him, now, of course, I have to!  And it became a struggle between this one and another one.  I decided on this one because it's more "typical" of his poems - short and concentrated - and more fitting to a sunny Saturday.  This volume is the only one I have by him.  He died fairly recently (2005), coming of age right after WWII.  (As always, "clicking" on his name at the end of the poem will take you to more information about the author.) 

Air: The Love of A Woman

The love of a woman
is the possibility which
surrounds her as hair
her head, as the love of her

follows and describes
her.  But what if
they die, then there is
still the aura

left, left sadly, but
hovers in the air, surely,
where this had taken place?
Then sing, of her, of whom

it will be said, he
sang of her, it was the
song he made which made her
happy, so she lived.

Robert Creeley  -  American

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