Saturday, May 29, 2010

The First Of All My Dreams - e.e. cummings

Not a poem that I've seen anthologized often and one of few where there is capitalization in an e.e. cummings poem.  I believe it is a fairly early one.  The appeal to me is in the last line, though the entire poem speaks to the maelstrom of conflicting emotions within each of us during those early - there should be a special word for that period! - moments/days of courtship.  (And what has happened to courtship, in general??)  This one has innocence, happy uncertainty, and a wonderful denouement.
The First Of All My Dreams

the first of all my dreams was of
a lover and his only love,
strolling slowly (mind in mind)
through some green mysterious land

until my second dream begins –
the sky wild with leaves; which dance
and dancing swoop (and swooping
over a frightened boy and girl)

but that mere fury soon became
silence: in huger always whom
two tiny selves sleep (doll by doll)
motionless under magical

foreverfully falling snow.
And then this dreamer wept: and so
she quickly dreamed a dream of spring
- how you and I are blossoming.

                                                                                   e.e. cummings- American

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Marilyn said...

One of my favorite ee cummins' poems, in fact one of my favorite love poems.
I had just put it on my own blog and was checking for accuracy.