Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Glass - Carolyn Kizer

Born in 1925, Kizer won the Pulitzer in 1984.  She's been very active in poetry circles, including starting a journal in the Northwest, and been the recipient of numerous awards.  I haven't read much by her - she has 8 books of poetry.  I like this one for its brevity and density, but particularly for its last line, which signifies so much in so few words and could be a poem all by itself.
The Glass

Your body tolls the hour,
The hands spin round and round.
Your face, the focus of light,
Will burn me to the ground.

Losing ourselves in Love
Beneath this counterpane,
Unwinding from its womb
To the all-consuming now,

All day today I die,
I die eternally,
Losing myself in joy.       
By one touch you put out time.

                                                                     Carolyn Kizer - American

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